On the show host Sarah Cordial explores life’s big questions with thought leaders from around the world.


Each interview provides actionable tools and resources to help you LEAD YOUR BEST LIFE.


The podcast helps you uncover & fulfill your truest potential and lead a life with meaning & purpose. It is about connecting to your AUTHENTIC self and breaking through the barriers and old patterns that hold you back.

If you’ve ever found yourself asking…

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

How do I become my best self?

How do I fulfill my truest potential?

How do I overcome life’s challenges with grace?

Then this is the place for you.


And while a central part of School Your Soul is the podcast where Sarah gleans wisdom from leading experts, the hope is that this can also blossom into a place for us all to engage in this meaningful conversation and support one another on the journey of self discovery.


School Your Soul was founded by Emmy nominated producer Sarah Cordial in an effort to satiate her ravenous appetite for inspirational, growth-oriented content.


As an avid podcast consumer and Super Soul Sunday fanatic, Sarah wanted to create another place that supports and encourages those on the journey of self actualization.


Since she was young Sarah has been seeking answers to life’s big questions and craving a deep and meaningful connection with herself and the world around her. It was this curiosity that led her to journalism.


As a documentary filmmaker Sarah has gotten to share the stories of inspirational people from all over the world. And after conducting hundreds of interviews – from Syrian refugees to NBA superstars – everyone seemed to have one thing in common. Like Sarah, they all had a deep desire to connect to themselves and the world in a meaningful way – to be seen and heard – to lead a fulfilling life. It is at the root of all we do yet sometimes we don’t know how to achieve it.


And now Sarah’s deep curiosity for self discovery, coupled with her love for storytelling has lead to the creation of School Your Soul.


Sarah lives in Los Angeles with her incredible husband Rory. She loves yoga, surfing & journaling and believes strongly in the power of meditation. She works as a producer, director and podcast host.

You can reach Sarah at  – Schoolyoursoul at gmail dot com.

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