A pioneer in the self-help movement, Debra Poneman is the founder and President of Yes to Success, Inc, an international seminar company dedicated to giving people the tools they need to live lives of profound happiness, unlimited success and prosperity, and deep and lasting fulfillment. Sounds amazing, right?!


Debra’s story began in the 70’s when she spent years studying at the feet of the greatest spiritual masters of the east — often in deep meditation for 10 – 12 hours a day and complete silence for weeks at a time. She then went on to teach meditation to thousands.


Since founding her company in the early 80’s, Debra has been the catalyst for hundreds of thousands of people to wake up and recognize who they really are, why they were put here on earth – and how to fearlessly turn their dreams and visions into exciting and lasting realities.


In addition to delivering hundreds of keynotes and workshops for businesses, associations and professional organizations and appearing on media around the world, some of today’s most renowned transformational leaders call Debra their mentor.


In 1988, with her Yes to Success book in the hands of a major New York publisher and about to launch her own daytime talk-show, Debra walked away from her career and disappeared from the public eye for over two decades when she realized she had a greater passion – to be a stay-at-home mom.


Now a best-selling author and award-winning keynote speaker, Debra is back to share how to create a life that is not only successful but is, in fact, miraculous.


You guys are going to love Debra. She has tons of wisdom to share. I highly recommend everyone goes to Debra’s website www.yestosuccess.com to get a copy of her FREE ebook entitled The 5 Secrets to Living a Life of True Success.


Enjoy the show!

Listen Here:


In today’s show we discuss:

  • How to bring more prosperity into your life
  • How to create deep human connections
  • Why Debra decided to take a break at the peak of her career
  • What a near death experience revealed to her
  • And she even shares a couple great parenting tips at the end!
  • Plus much much more…


Resources from the Episode:

Debra’s Website: www.yestosuccess.com

BOOK: The seven day mental diet by Emmet Fox

BOOK: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

BOOK: How To Listen So Kids Will Talk And Talk So Kids Will Listen


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