Beverly-Kitaen-Morse-400x510In this episode we talk to Dr. Beverly Kitaen-Morse who is an internationally renowned therapist in the field of psychotherapy and couples counseling. And she offers up some of her best relationship advice! And we also go much deeper into understanding why we interact with the world in the way we do.

Beverly had an incredible marriage. Her husband Dr. Jack Lee Rosenburg, who recently passed, was an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of psychotherapy. And for decades, Beverly and her husband worked side by side, to develop what is called – Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), which is a psychotherapy that recognizes and treats the physical, psychological, and spiritual nature of a human being. It is based on the premise that the body, mind, and spirit are not separate, but rather integrated parts of a whole person. Unlike other modalities, IBP puts a strong emphasis on breath work to promote mindfulness and alleviate depression and anxiety.

Jack and Beverly co-wrote the book The Intimate Couple and their work is taught globally at IBP institutes around the world

I’m currently in a 3-year program studying IBP, I just completed my 2nd year, and throughout the program I’ve seen dramatic personal growth and a new found ability to break free from old patterns and create lasting change. Beverly and studying IBP has had a profound impact on my life so I really think you guys will find a lot of value in this conversation. Re-listen and take notes for maximum impact!

We got a little carried away and ended up having a monster interview so I split it into two parts –

In Part 1 we discuss:

  • How Beverly went from a housewife without a college education to a dr in her 40’s
  • Why your same “themes” continue to come up in every relationship
  • How Beverly and her husband created IBP to make sure that the things that got in the way of their first marriages wouldn’t get in the way of their marriage
  • Why it’s difficult to sustain change… whether it’s in diet, relationships, exercise, bad habits.. etc.
  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to change an unwanted behavior or pattern
  • How our early childhood wounds directly impact the way we see the world today
  • And why we need to work with our mind AND our body in order to make lasting changes

In Part 2 we discuss: 

  • Beverly offers up her #1 piece of relationship advice
  • we learn how to stop interrupting our happiness
  • The MOST important thing you can do for your child as a parent
  • How to wake up and live from your true self and feel a greater level of aliveness
  • Practices you can use in your relationship to increase connection
  • And much much more!


  • what is a destructive theme or pattern that you bring to your relationships?
  • And in general, what is an area of sensitivity for you, something that particularly triggers or upsets you?

Just take note of them. I think you’ll find it useful to get the most out of these episodes.

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