Lise-JanelleDr. Lise Janelle is a heart-centered success coach, helping people reconnect to their heart so they can live happy, grateful lives filled with love, inspiration and success. With a background as a holistic chiropractor, Lise has developed and worked with cutting-edge mind/body tools that create quick and deep transformations from the inside out.

Over the past 25 years, she has helped thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, artists and many others find and dissolve beliefs that are holding them back so they can unfold their greatest future.

She is the founder of the Centre for Heart Living in Toronto Ontario and the author of two books, Conversation with the Heart and You Are Loved.

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In this episode Dr. Lise discusses:

  • The events in her life that brought her to the breaking point
  • Why love is not an emotion
  • How to get to a higher level of consciousness without having trauma as the catalyst
  • Why we fall into the trap on not wanting to do the work until something bad happens
  • Why up to 90% of our behaviors are based on conditioning and beliefs from our past
  • Are you petrified of love? Most people are and don’t even know it
  • 3 clues that sub-conscious beliefs are holding you back in any situation
  • How the 2 stages of human development contribute to our belief systems about ourselves
  • Resources that can help you determine what your limiting beliefs are – find them and destroy them
  • Your limiting beliefs also have physiological impacts – learn how it manifests in your body
  • Finding the root cause of your patterns of belief can free you
  • The root cause of all of your pain lies in the belief that something is wrong with you.
  • The best way to protect your children from these limiting beliefs
  • Every challenge you experience is designed to help you
  • How you can dissolve the negative beliefs about yourself
  • Ways gratitude can play a role in your mind shift
  • It’s an act of love to get rid of thoughts that are no longer serving you
  • Finding out at what point you are no longer worthy of love can change your paradigm
  • Bringing your essence to the world is an act of love towards yourself and others
  • How to attract the right people to your loving relationships
  • Love is not selfish

Resources Mentioned in the Show: – change your relationship with yourself in 30 days!

5 Points to Look for to Draw the right people into your loving relationships – Dr. Janelle’s program, starting again in the Fall.

Connect with Dr. Janelle: – take 5 minutes for this guided meditation

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