Howard friendHoward is a progressive pastor, and while the primary spiritual text he uses is the Bible and the primary example he follows is Jesus, he embraces all religions and wants to use any aspect of religion to deepen a person’s spiritual understanding. In this episode, Howard and I talk about so many important questions surrounding spirituality. I’ll tell you right now, some of Howard’s answers will surprise you. It’s not often you talk to a Christian Pastor who is so open to other points of view. I think this will be a refreshing conversation!


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In this episode, Howard also shares:

  • What is a sacred center and why does it matter?
  • Howard’s perspective on the divine purpose of each individual
  • Why each person has a homing device that constantly brings you back to your sacred center
  • Ways to find your purpose in life
  • We won’t manifest the things we aren’t drawn to
  • Why Howard looks at life differently than most pastors
  • Howard believes in meditation, but his meditation is different than you would imagine
  • Ways set apart meditation enhances our life meditation
  • Why we have trouble being present
  • Ways we are gifted with the failures and disappointments of our lives
  • Why God is never the author of tragedy.
  • Why we hunger and thirst for – presence, alignment, connection, relationship
  • What we create when we manifest meaningful conversation
  • What Howard does when he feels overwhelmed
  • What sighing does for us when we take the time to sigh
  • The dangers of letting ego overrun your life
  • Why Howard is not a fan of the word happiness
  • Find out who Howard’s greatest teacher is
  • The one thing that Howard knows for sure

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