James Valentine is a musician and songwriter and the lead guitarist for one of the most popular bands of our time Maroon 5. The GRAMMY award-winning band has sold more than 120 million records and been together over 20 years.

In addition to being an extremely talented and accomplished musician and a kind and generous person, James is an avid meditator and has gone on multiple silent retreats. I was excited to talk to him about his journey working as a creative and how mindfulness has impacted his craft and his life.

In Today’s show we explore:

  • How he discovered his passion for music
  • His journey that landed him in Maroon 5
  • How he’s overcome performance anxiety through meditation
  • His creative process
  • And much much more.

Hope you guys enjoy the show!

Listen Here:

Resources from the Episode:

James Valentine Twitter


Shinzen young –https://www.shinzen.org/

Unified Mindfulness https://unifiedmindfulness.com/

BOOK: The Artists Way https://www.amazon.com/Artists-Way-25th-Anniversary/dp/0143129252

BOOK: Non Zero by Robert Wright https://www.amazon.com/Nonzero-Logic-Destiny-Robert-Wright/dp/0679758941

BOOK: Sapiens https://www.amazon.com/Sapiens-Humankind-Yuval-Noah-Harari/dp/0062316095

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