Our guest today is Integrative body psychotherapist Beth Bardovi, MFT.
First off, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, or IBP, is a type of psychotherapy that recognizes and treats the physical, psychological, and spiritual nature of a human being. It is based on the premise that the body, mind, and spirit are not separate, but rather integrated parts of a whole person. Unlike other modalities, IBP puts a strong emphasis on breath and bodywork to promote mindfulness and alleviate depression and anxiety.
Beth is the Director of the IBP Central Institute, Los Angeles and the Executive Director of IBP Italy. And has been in private practice for over 30 years in Santa Monica. She is a wise soul.
So today, Beth helps us learn more about where our fears come from and how we can begin to heal these wounds so we can lead a more authentic and fulfilling life.Beth Bardovi
In today’s episode we cover a lot of ground today including:
-Why we recreate the same problems over and over again and how to stop self-sabotaging behaviors
-The different types of masks, facades and mechanism we created when we were young and how they play a role in our life today
-How we develop our triggers or sensitivities.
-Why working with the body is an important component in creating lasting emotional change
-and tons more

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In today’s show we explore:


  • Your Core Self: the essence of who you are
  • Being disconnected from authenticity—Why does it happen?
  • Parents and young children: the energy connection
  • Children disconnect if parents aren’t available
  • The range of Abandonment to Inundation: too much or not enough?
  • The crucial time is the pre-verbal development
  • The difference between IBP and Talk Therapy
  • Become aware of holding patterns
  • Different breathing for different purposes
  • Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic nervous systems
  • For older kids, it’s attaching beliefs to feelings
  • Character-style defense mechanisms
  • Signs of fear of abandonment
  • Signs of fear of inundation
  • Find a balance in the middle
  • Agency toward others—it’s about the intention we bring
  • Crippling feelings
  • Active agency vs. loving
  • Triggers: How do we identify them?
  • Triggered and fragmented: the same, similar, or familiar feelings
  • Expecting perfection? Impossible!
  • Perceptions are everything
  • New triggered reactions to our oldest injuries
  • Steps to dismantling
  • Connecting body, understanding, and emotions
  • The repair process
  • Wired for survival: capable of change?
  • Living authentically is a GIFT
  • It all starts with breath
  • Beth’s daily spiritual practices
  • Beth’s advice and wisdom for herself 20 years ago? “Most things are not really a crisis. Take the time and not just get from A to B.”
  • What has Beth learned about what we’re all looking for? “We’re all looking to be understood and to feel understood.”
  • What is the meaning of life—why are we here on this planet? “It’s all about love. I learned this when my mom was dying. Find the love.”

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